Friday, September 26, 2008

Let's start at the begining...

Okay, since most of our age group is getting away from facebook/myspace and starting to blog we figured we'd admit that we are in fact getting old and join the craze :)

And since we are just starting out I thought I would give a brief history to catch everyone up on this thing that we call "Our Crazy Life"!

Let's see, it all started on March 8th, 1998 when my best friend, Nicole, suggested that we go skating with these two Boswell brothers from our church. I knew who they were (like anyone in our church didn't) and actually had had a crush on one of them but he said I was too young and too skinny to date and I had gone a few dates with the other one but all we talked about was motorcross so needless(and thankfully-no offense Adam) to say it didn't work out. So when Nicole suggested going skating with them, I had my doubts but I went anyway. It was a lot of fun but I didn't think anything about it until one day at church Jason asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with him. I, of course, said yes and on May 26th, 1998 we had our first official date. Now it was far from one-on-one since after Jason picked me up he said "By the way, we're going to pick up Amanda(his ex-girlfriend) and her new boyfriend and we're meeting Jason and Helga Collins(the youth pastor and his wife) and Rich and Missy at the theater"! Aside from the awkward beginning, the date went great and we hung out casually for a couple of months until I started getting pages (yes, we are that old) from another guy. Jason then decided he did not want to keep seeing other people and we made it official and exclusive on July 10th, 1998 :)
Well two months later Jason started planning our proposal!!! But since I was only 16 at this point he had to plan it for a LONG time. He did a great job though since I had no clue. He started giving me roses on our anniversary every month. Two roses for two months, 10 roses for 10 months and so on. My favorite number at the time was 16, so on our 16th month anniversary (Nov. 10th, 1999) he proposed! I almost ruined it several times but he managed to pull off the most romantic one I've ever heard :) He wanted to go to a nice restaurant but since it was a Wednesday, I told him we'd better stay around town so we wouldn't be late for church :) We ended up eating at the Chick-Fil-A in Fayetteville and while we were there I noticed that he had not given me my roses yet. He said he was sorry that he had forgotten and he would get them to me tomorrow. When we left, he said "Let's go for a walk around the lake in Peachtree City" and I said "No, we'll be late for church" and then he said "Well, I really need to talk to you" and I got worried! So we started walking around the lake and I noticed a vase of flowers sitting in a gazebo. Being the very sharp person that I am, I said "Oh, did someone die here?" and Jason, I'm sure rolled his eyes. As we got closer I saw a card with my name on it against the vase. As I read the card, it told the story of our relationship up to present time. The last line was "She put the card down and turned around and he said...." So when I turned around, Jason was on one knee with the ring!!!!!!! I didn't even look at the ring. I just started to cry and hugged Jason and he said "I guess that means yes" He is so romantic! This picture was taken the night he proposed :)

We got married on March 4th, 2000 in our home church-Community Christian. It was the first wedding in our new building and our wedding announcement was in the first Newnan-Times Herald of 2000!

I married my high school sweetheart and could not be happier!

Fast forward almost three years to November 16th, 2002 (my 21st birthday). That was the night that we found out that we would be adding a new member to our family! It was the best birthday present I have ever gotten! My sister-in-law, Laura was actually at our apartment on the 15th and we waited until midnight for me to take the test and surprised Jason when he came in (very late) from work! We were both so excited!

Alden was born on July 2nd, 2003 and we started a whole new chapter in our life.

He was such a good baby! He slept through the night at 6 weeks and was very easy going (most of the time) He did everything early, walking, talking, riding a bike, driving his hummer, ect.

Then when Alden was 9 months old we found out that we had another bundle of joy on the way! Katlynn finished out our perfect family on January 13th, 2005! We could not be happier! We thought Alden was easy but Katlynn was even easier! She slept through the night at 8 weeks and was the best tempered baby you will ever meet! Alden adjusted very well and very quickly so it was great! But of course, Katlynn is growing up way too quickly too!

So that is how our crazy life started! Now we just get to have tons of fun living it!

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Anonymous said...

Man, i just read your page. . I've got to say you sure know how to make a person emotional with all the pictures, the songs and the writing haha :) It makes me just want my life to fast forward, but i know it doesn't need too..
Im so glad that one day I will be apart of this big loving family. Yall are some of the sweetest people that i have ever met, and i mean that. Thanks for always doing stuff for Zack and I we really appreciate it and we love you guys so much!!!

Danielle :)