Friday, October 10, 2008

Friends Forever- literally

I am fortunate to have a few friends that I have known a LONG time. And as I watched my kids play tonight with one of my friend's little girl, I realized that I have know her for over 20 years! Beth and I met when she moved into the house behind us when we were in Kindergarten and we have been friends ever since! This is us in Mrs. Seawright's(I may have spelled that wrong) first grade class at Atkinson Elementary! Can you tell which one is me?
We've been through just about everything together from Girl Scouts

To Graduation! (that's another friend that I grew up with, Brooke)And now our girls get to grow up together! This is the first picture I have of them together And this is Aidan and Katlynn tonight


The Caldwell Family said...

Who else is in that 1st grade class? Too cute!

JNAKBoswell said...

I don't remember everyone (isn't that bad) but I do know these people are in it: Jonathan Melvile, Nikki Cruz, Jay Smallwood, Jon Renolds, Jason Elliott, Sandra?, Joanna Carter, Carole Anne Clarke, Beth Bostic, Jason Lipmen, Amy Allen, Chris Braswell, Rainey Ragland and me.