Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Little Soccer/Track Star!

Alden is getting so much better at soccer this season! It's great to see his little face light up when he makes a goal :) He started off the season just running around the field not really paying attention to the ball at all. (He loves to run!) But after Jason worked with him a couple of times he has actually gotten at least one goal at each game! It's amazing what a little father/son time can do!

Katlynn is not as excited about Alden's soccer games :)
Alden had his "Boosterthon Fun Run" on October 16th and he did have so much fun. But it wasn't cheap! He has gotten pledges for this fundraiser for mostly $1 per lap that he could run in 30 minutes. The laps were 1/16th of a mile so I really didn't see him doing more than 20 but I was SO wrong! During the Fun Run I realized how many he was running and tried to encourage him to slow down and get some water, maybe walk a lap or as least jog but no such luck. He ran 35+ laps! The lap cap was 35 so we're not exactly sure how many over 35 he ran but I'm estimating the total was closer to 45! I could not believe it! That's over two miles! I don't think I could have done that! So maybe we've found the sport that Alden will be the best at...Track :)

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stephrojas said...

Wow! Go Alden!!! AJ and Aleigh didn't make it to 30 on their Fun Run. Infact, I didn't see many make it to 35! Alden has a lot of energy!