Monday, November 10, 2008

Meet the Boswell Family (the big one)

This is the Boswell Family! It seems we have doubled in size in just a few years, but it is so much fun! Even though Jason and I are happy with our two perfect kids, it is fun to be a part of a big (in this case, HUGE) family. The only sad thing is how little we all see each other now even though we all live within 15 minutes of each other! It is true, the older you get, the less time you have :) But we do have a great time when we can all get together! And although is hasn't in awhile, the get togethers normally turn into some form of manly competition that involves taking your shirts off (for the guys)

Here is the start of the Boswell Family-David and Karen or Daddy and Mama or Dad and Mom or Grandpa and Mimi :) Without them our family would not exist and they have left such a great legacy already! What a great example to us and our kids of how to do marriage and family the right way. It's not often that you see a couple stay together for 33.5 years and still love and respect each other. I sure it has not been easy to make it through all those years (and all those boys) but they have done a wonderful job and we couldn't be more thankful!I did not have a picture of their wedding but this is the oldest one that I had :)
This is the oldest in the family, Landon, and his wife, April and kids, Julia(7) and Emma(3). Landon and April have been married just over a year now and we could not be happier for them. I think Katlynn was the happiest since now she has GIRL COUSINS to play with. We were worried that she would be the only girl in the family since she was the first Boswell girl in like 80 years or something so she was very excited to meet her two newest cousins! The only thing that would make Katlynn (and the rest of us) happier is if Landon and April would have another girl so we could have a baby around again :) But no pressure guys :)=============================================

Jason is the second oldest in the Boswell Family and you have already read our story so I'll make it short. Married for 8.5 years, two beautiful kids (and no more on the way unless God has a very big sense of humor) and more fun than we know what to do with :)============================================
Adam is the middle child, and it is SO obvious :) Just kidding Adam, you know I love you :) Adam and Laura have been married for 6.5 years now and have two hansome boys- Connor(4) and Owen(2) and I bet baby #3 will be here or at least on the way in 2009 :) I know I can't wait! Laura and I joked that we had to approve the rest of the sister-in-laws before any of the other boys could get married because we got along so well and we didn't want anyone to ruin that. So far, so good. ;)

Lance is number four in the Boswell line. He and Lauren have been married for 2.5 years. They don't have any kids, yet but I bet it won't be long. They're just having fun and flipping houses right now :) If you haven't noticed yet, we've all been married something .5 years because everyone but Landon (way to ruin it :) has gotten married in March! We're on the 4th, Dad and Mom are on the 15th, Adam and Laura are on the 23rd and Lance and Lauren are on the 25th!

Zack is the baby of the family (and my favorite brother-in-law but don't tell the rest of them ;) And he better be getting a ring VERY SOON for his girlfriend, Danielle! We love her and can't wait for her to be an offical Boswell. I think Zack was only ten years old when Jason and I started dating so he has really been like another little brother to me. Now if only we could get him to come over and see us more. Hint, Hint :) ============================================

We almost have had a baby every year for awhile starting in 2001 with Julia, Alden in 2003, Connor in 2004, Katlynn and Emma in 2005 and Owen in 2006. Now everyone is ready for the next round of Boswell Cousins :) They are all cute now but look at them as babies! All adorable and all blue eyes! Can you believe it? Can you guess who is who below?

And there is the next generation of Boswells :) I'm so glad they all get to grow up together! I hope they will all remain close and great friends!
And that's our family (for now)

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