Monday, November 24, 2008

My 27th Birthday!

I had a great birthday this year even though I can't believe I am 27 years old now! It's scary being so close to the big 3 0 :) We started celebrating on the Saturday before my birthday and just stopped today! My mom and Felicia took me to my favorite place to eat (Olive Garden) on Saturday

Then on Sunday (my birthday), Jason taught my class at church(the three year olds!) so I could sleep in and that's exactly what I did! And then Jason and our neighbor, Bart and the boys built a sweet BMX jump for me to watch them jump over Alden and Boyd on! That was not a good present guys! (I was enjoying reading by the fire that Jason built for me before he went to work on the jump) Bart's sweet wife had us over for some of the best chili ever and she even made lemon squares for me :) She's so sweet!

Then on Thursday, My mom, Sissy, Briana, Taylor, Felicia, Brandon, Jason and I all went to see the midnight showing of the new movie Twilight. We have all been reading the books and love them! (well the girls have been reading them) And yes I know they are about vampires and werewolves and supposed to be for teenage girls and their mother's but I love the love story! Maybe I'm still trying to be a teenage at heart :) But I liked them so much that I finished out celebrating my birthday today by seeing Twilight again with my brother, Andrew!

Thanks to everyone for all the calls and texts and birthday wishes! I had a great day(week)!

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Danielle Dawson said...

Natalie, 30 is the NEW 20! :) plus, you are NO where looking like you could ever be 27! No worries you're safe :) I'm glad you had a good birthday!