Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas #1

We got to have Christmas four times this year! The first was on the 22nd of December with my Mom's family. We normally get together on Christmas Eve but Jason had to work this year at the fire department so we had to get together a little earlier this year. Which the kids loved!Alden picked out presents for Jason, Katlynn, all the grandparents and me at the Santa Shop at his school this year so we took Katlynn to the dollar store and let her pick out presents for everyone too. It was so funny to see what they picked out for everyone.Mama gave Brandon and Felicia and Jason and I $100 for Christmas!This is Jason and I pretending to be Briana and Taylor. We do a pretty good impression if you ask me :)This was Alden's second favorite present of Christmas(his BMX bike was first). He has even learned to play through the first four songs by himself! He had so much naturally ability that he picks up on things so quickly! It's amazing!

Look at that rockstar face :)

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