Sunday, February 1, 2009

Meet the Boswell/Henson/Hinesley/Green/Powell Family

I never thought I would be able to get my entire family together for a photo shoot on the same day but it happened, barely! So this is my crazy family.
Alright here goes, so technically, I'm an only child. The only one my mom and dad have but my mom has three other daughters and my dad has three sons. Sorta of like a weird version of the Brady Bunch :) My Mom is the center of our family on her side and I don't know what I would do without her. I don't know how people live in a different city much less a different state than their moms especially when they have kids. I think I would go crazy. She a great mom and an even better "Grandma"! Alden and Katlynn love going to spend the night at her house!My Dad is the center of our family on his side. He's a great dad and a great "Pop". I picked the name Pop for him because that is what we called his grandfather, W.B. Hammond and he was an awesome man!This is my first step-mom, Gaye(with Katlynn). She and my Dad met when I was two so I don't remember a time that she wasn't in my life. And even though she and my dad are no longer married we still keep in touch and she's a wonderful "Nana" to my kids.This is Kathy, my Dad's wife and "Grammie" to Alden and Katlynn. She and Dad got married in May 2008 and she is very sweet.And here are all my brothers and sisters!Felicia is five years younger than me. She and Brandon will be celebrating their one year anniversary next month. She's a great sister (now that we don't have to live together) and an awesome aunt! She and Andrew are probably the ones that make the most effort to spend time with Alden and Katlynn and I truely appreciate it. I can't wait to be the cool aunt to their kids one day.
Andrew is also five years younger than I am. He was born four days after Felicia! He's a great uncle and the kids already love his girlfriend, Tessa, too. Andrew came over the other day and Katlynn looked behind him and then turned in disappointment and asked "Why didn't you bring Tessa?" Briana is next in the line up age-wise. She's 16 and a total teenage but we love her! And her boyfriend, Jacob seems pretty cool too.Austin is only five months younger than Briana so he's 16, too. He's living the teenage life now too but he is so sweet. (when he wants to be)Miss Drama Queen, Taylor, is the next to youngest of my siblings. She's 15 and totally crazy but lots of fun!Avery is the baby of my family. He's 12 and so quiet. We don't get to see him as much because he lives with Gaye near Columbus but Alden thinks he's so cool and loves to play with him when we do get to see him.And last but certainly not least is my mom's sister and her family. She's Sissy to me and everyone else in our family and we love her (and Brad, Cody & Bruce) to death! She's the person you can call with any problem and she's got a solution for it whether it's what you want to hear or not. :) Personality wise I'm probably more like her than anyone else.

So that's my crazy family.

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