Monday, February 2, 2009

I am so behind

January flew by for some reason and I got behind on everything! So here a short update to catch everyone up on what's been going on recently!
That's right! Zack and Danielle are engaged!
You can read about it in Danielle's words on her Blog
Adam and Anna Reuter welcomed their new son, Atticus, into the world on January 16th! He is so cute!Leigh Anne, Kelly and I all went to see him at the hospital that night but Kelly made me delete the picture I took of her holding him :)
We had Amy's baby shower for little Addie (who we hope for Amy's sake will be making her grand entrance very soon) on January 24th. It was so much fun. She got lots of cool presents... And we played "How much toliet paper will it take to fit around Amy's stomach". The eight year old daughter of one of the ladies who was at the shower actually won this game. :) And eveyone had to draw a baby with the paper on top of their head. Those were hilarious to see!

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