Monday, February 2, 2009

My Baby is Four! How did that happen so fast???

Katlynn wanted a Hannah Montana/Make-up/Princess party so we tried to incorporate all of those into one party!
This was the picture on the cake that I made for her.One day I will give up trying and just buy a cake but even though mine never turn out the way I want them to look, they always taste better than store-bought.Felicia, Danielle and Lauren were all sweet enough to help with the make-up/princess part of the party. We set up a make-over room for the girls and Felicia did the make-up, Danielle painted the finger nails and Lauren did the hair. Then the girls got to pick out a princess dress to wear for the party and I (of course) took a picture of them.
Here is a picture of all the kids after their make-overs!
And here is Katlynn putting on a show in her Hannah Montana wig :)Even Jason and Adam had to take a turn trying it on :) Don't they look cute!

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The Allen Family said...

they grow up so fast don't they?! Its bittersweet! It looks like she had a blast of a party though, good job on the cake!